ADULTVIDEONEWS MAY 2005 - INNERVIEWS - Brandi Lyons: Kentucky's Greatest Sexport

Brandi Lyons is one of jizzdom's more underappreciated babes. This lean, luscious all-natural Southern belle (Kentucky) is bone-popping beautiful, gives a great, intense scene and is nasty (and yes, a little intimidating; you don't want to fuck with this girl) as they cum. Yet after four years and somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 titles, Brandi, married to fellow performer Scott Lyons, seems stuck in permanent B-girl purgatory. Which really is an injustice. So if nothing else, hopefully this interview will help her gain the recognition she deserves. And maybe even a little more work and the contract she says she's ready to sign.

AVN: So, you were saying your phone hasn't been ringing a lot lately?

Brandi Lyons: I took a lot of time off for my own personal reasons. And then I guess because I'm not out there unless he [Scott] specifically asks someone to shoot me, they don't call. But that's because I'm not on anything for them to see me. I've had to quit all my agencies, and now I'm not on their Websites. When you're out of sight, you're out of mind, and you don't get used. But yes, I would love to work more.

AVN: What I like about you is you're super, super nasty. Am I right? You really like the nasty stuff, right?

Lyons: You saw it. I'm a freak. So I like to make them [her sex partners] become freaks. I can turn a straight man gay, because I want him to be that way, at that time.

AVN: And a gay man straight.

Lyons: Oh yeah. I've done that before.

AVN: Is there anything you won't do? Do you do double A's?

Lyons: Yeah. I don't do a lot of them, but I do them. And I plan on doing one in the future. I won't do a d.p. without Scott. That's the only stipulation I've ever had in the business. A lot of the girls don't have a man. And I'm sure if they did, they'd use their guys in their d.p.s.

AVN: You do double vag?

Lyons: Double vag I prefer not to. I will if the timing's right, and I can get them both in, but I really hate double vag. I don't like the way it feels. I like it better in my ass.

AVN: You seen like you're really into oral, too.

Lyons: Yeah. And that used to be my pet peeve. I hated it.

AVN: Really?

Lyons: I thought it was ... well because the way I was told stories from mother and people like that. That it was so nasty. ...

AVN: They were right.

Lyons: ... that it was gross.

AVN: They were right!

Lyons: But then it happened. It wasn't as bad as it was made out to be. So I'm like, definitely for money, I could do this. And then I started liking it. And now the taste doesn't bother me at all, unless the guys are taking certain types of medications. Things like that, then it's gross.

AVN: Do you feature dance?

Lyons: No. I don't do that. I have a hard time with that for some reason.

AVN: Why, are you shy or something?

Lyons: No. I just like to dance a certain way. And I don't like to be the center of attention. As a feature, that's what you are. I have a hard time with that. I bug. I'm like, too much. Overload. But I'm just an amazing dancer, and I like to just get up there and just dance.

Scott Lyons: She danced at a club the other night, and put on the floorshow. Just blew my mind. I'm like, "Girl, you are really short changing yourself with this. I mean, I've been married to you for 10 years, and I'm sitting here watching you dance with a full raging boner."

AVN: So what are your future plans?

Lyons: I wanna go on a contract with someone, because the gonzo thing's getting old to me. ... I've had too many offers that I've turned down.

AVN: Really? Why?

Lyons: Because at the time I couldn't take them. At the time I was working actually so much that ... and some of the offers ... I don't do escorting. I won't do privates. Anything like that. Some of the companies ask for that. So I don't do it. And I'm not gonna do it just because I'm a contract girl.

Before she becomes a boring old contract girl, your customers can catch her in such hard-edge fare as 2 Anal 4 U (Smash), Barely Legal 16 (Hustler), Gag Factor 4 (JM Productions), Gobble the Goop (John Leslie/Evil Angel), Lower Extremeties (Extreme), Mayhem Explosions (Mayhem), Oral Adventures of Craven Moorehead 11 (Celestial), Screaming Orgasms 3 (New Sensations), Sodomania 38 (Elegant Angel) and Throat Yogurt (Platinum X).

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