Fresh Off the Bus From: Georgia, duh.

Age: 24

You entered the jizz biz how? "I always wanted to do it. I started dancing when I was 18, and I got a couple of offers out in Atlanta and Texas, but it was for Internet stuff, which wasn?t really what I wanted to do. And so I finally took the last of my money and a bag of clothes and I got on the plane and came out here, even though that AIDS thing was going on [last summer?s industry HIV scare]. But I figured, ?Fuck it. I might as well come out here and meet people.? And when I got off the plane, I felt like I was at home."

Considering there was a supposed industry moratorium at the time, how long before you did your first scene? "That day."

How many titles thus far? "Not that many. About 30 [at press time]," including Bad Ass Biker Girls (Cherry Boxxx), Black Initiations 3 (West Coast Productions), Deep Throat This 21 (NorthStar), More Dirty Debutantes 285 (Ed Powers), She Swallows 13 (Filmco), Throat Gaggers 7 (Red Light District) and a scene for the notorious, which likely will be released later this year by JM Productions.

What the hell are you doing with your hand? "I?m slapping my pussy [laughs]."

So how do you like the industry so far? "I fucking love it. I was born to fuck, baby. Born to have cock in my mouth. That?s my favorite. That?s my favorite thing to watch. That?s my favorite thing to do."

You?re obviously all-natural. Any plans for a pair of bolt-ons? "Yeah, I?m gonna do it probably later. I love my tits. It?s not because I?m unhappy with them. I love my titties. But I can?t titty fuck anybody."

Georgia recently went from blonde to brunette, a very becoming move. Why? "I feel better as a brunette. I don?t like being a blonde. It makes me look like a fucking Barbie."

How long do you plan to stay in the business? "As long as I can."

Good answer.