Fresh Off the Bus From:Huntington Beach

Age: 18

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 117

Measurements? "34D, 24, 36"

You got a boobjob! "I was about a 34A. I wanted to go a little bit bigger, but the doctor said it would look, ya know — it was just a lot for my body at once. But he did a really good job because considering how small I was, I don't have any ripples. So I'm really happy about that."

You took some time off, where the hell were you when you weren't getting your titties pumped up? "I was a hostess at the Macaroni Grill."

What did you do before porn? "I was queen of getting new jobs. I went anywhere from making pizzas to selling knives, cooking knives, cutlery."

Prefer boys or girls? "Guys. I like penetration."

You dig sex in public? "Oh yeah! I'm so into that. My best one was the ferris wheel at the Orange County Fair. I did it in a playground in a park, inner tube. Did it in a treehouse. Did it behind Virgin Megastore at The Block. I did it ... oh, backstage at Ozzfest concert. Tour busses. My old bathroom at work, several times. Stuff like that. Movie theatres, that's a common one. Movie theatres, the car obviously, parties. Let me think ... a lot of it was a long time ago."

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