In a quiet house on a quiet street in a quiet neighborhood, director/hot blonde Bridgette Kerkove is standing over a makeup artist, telling her to make the bow in Venus' lip liner harsher with more of a Joan Crawford thing going on. This is Kerkove's normal attention to detail, but she's even more meticulous today, as it's her first production shot in HD.

"Lurid is such a fun company, and they are giving me complete creative freedom," Kerkove tells me in the kitchen that's also the makeup area. In the second makeup chair sits AVN Female Performer of the Year Lauren "My God, What An Amazing Ass" Phoenix. After some costuming trouble (the pretty boots Phoenix is wearing are a bit, oh, frickin' difficult to walk in), some discussions about the differences between HD ass fucking and regular plain ole' ass fucking, and some stills, the two girls get to fuckin' as Kerkove sits at the monitor in the other room, barking the occasional instruction.

The girls sit on the sofa and tongue kiss, and the carefully placed red lipstick goes everywhere, so they have to stop. Kerkove has them back on it quickly with instructions for each girl to do some serious ass smacking and cat fighting. The set-up is that Lauren stole some of Venus' clothing ("What? Mommy didn't play dress-up with you enough?") and things devolve into butt sex with each girl taking red dildos and plugs in their asses, spit and anal lube flying every. There's tit slapping and throat fucking; each of the two sex bombs taking turns choking and gagging the other two on pseudo-cock as the girls up next for fucking (Katja Kassin, Jordan Styles, Olivia Saint and Brooke Haven) take turns watching the monitor and smiling.

Lurid Entertainment's Vamp is in stores now.