From this vantage point, Audrey Hollander is about as strong a contender for AVN's next Female Performer of the Year honor as there's gonna be.

This vantage point, by the way, is a deep leather couch about two feet away from where the statuesque red head is pulling a manically frenzied seven-man train for Lips That Lie, a title being directed by hubby Otto Bauer for his new Super Core line for start-up Mach 2 Productions.

Cock-crazed Audrey is lighting up the room to critical mass levels with her blinding, nuclear-strength energy, taking multiple man hammers (belonging to, for the record, Otto, Bad Bob, Steven French, Alec Knight, Rick Masters, Trick Dixxon and Trevor Thompson), two and three at a time, in her mouth, cunt and ass for the better part of a very sweaty hour.

"Goddamn! Fill me up like a fucking fuck whore!" she roars to one and all, the depraved blast furnace heat making her heavy makeup run down her pretty face all Alice Cooper-like. Audrey even sets a supposed new porn record (such records being dubious at best) for length of time doing continuous double anals — 18 minutes (breaking, she tells me, Melissa Lauren's old 17-minute mark).

The scene is shot by the dynamic duo of Jim Powers and Skeeter Kerkove, the latter of whom just oozes pure joy at the porn-making process. "Look at that double anal!" he exclaims excitedly at one point, full of kid-in-a-candy store glee. "This is better than a holiday in Cambodia."

The mad monkey-love is, appropriately enough, taking place in an indoor jungle — a wildly eccentric house stuffed full of leopard skin, a mounted elephant's head, fake ivy and other similarly-themed kitsch over every square, claustrophobic inch. It's a welcome relief from the sterile white bread bedrooms jizzdom is all too willing to settle for.

"Pornographic maximus," an exhausted Otto declares at scene's end, after shooting his second load, which blends in with those of the others all over Audrey's now-glistening bod.

Yup, that just about sums it all up.

Lips That Lie from Super Core/Mach 2 is scheduled to street Aug. 10, and that's no lie. Mach 2 sales inquiries can be addressed to Hank Weinstein at 866.386.6226 or [email protected]