Fresh Off the Bus From: No, not there; other coast, specifically South Orange County, Calif.

Age: 22

Height, weight and measurements: 5’ 7,” 110, “I have no idea.”

Distinguishing characteristics: Pierced nipples and nostrils plus tons of tattoos plus jet-black hair plus waif-like body equals ideal for goth/punk/riot girl/vampire/dominatrix fuck roles.

How long in the business? Entered in late 2003, did a few titles, took a hiatus, then came back earlier this year.

How many titles thus far? About 15, including, probably most notably Eon McKai’s buzz-heavy, recently released Kill Girl Kill from VCA Pictures, for which she is the box cover girl.

So we hear you have a supportive mom. Very supportive: “When I told my mom what I was doing, she kinda already had a little bit of an idea. She called me one day and asked me, ‘So if you suck seven guys off at one time, do you get paid more?’ And I was like, ‘Well, of course.’ And she goes, ‘Well, then why the fuck are you only sucking one dick?’”

While thinking of another question to ask her, she volunteers: “Yes, I like it rough. I can take it. I mean, I’ve taken some fucking beatings. But I really like to give it. I really, really enjoy watching other people suffer.”

Sounds like you’re into the fetish scene? “I don’t have a lot of experience with it, but I kind of fell upon it just by accident a long time ago before I ever did any scenes. I was doing some Domme stuff. So yeah, it’s definitely something that intrigues me.”

Any sex acts you won’t do? “I don’t do anal.”

Is that going to change? “That’s a possibility. If it does, it’s probably only going to be for my own stuff [she hopes to start her own company]. I’ve only had anal sex once in my personal life. And I did enjoy it. I’ve gotten a lot more ass-friendly lately. Now, when I masturbate, I’m always trying to fucking get my fingers up my ass. There’s just something so dirty and raunchy about it.”