Seduction Cinema. D: Tim J. Moose. Anoushka, Misty Mundae, Rachel Travers, Sally Huxley, Adrian Ottiwell, Frank Bowdler, Rob Taylor, Mark Standley, Johnny Mango, Colin Grime, Andy Sawyer, Tom J. Moose, Jamie Muncher. 76 Min.

Extras: Behind the Scenes, Commentary, Deleted Scenes, Interviews, Mini Documentary, Outtakes, Trailers.

Assuming that there is such a thing as typical British humor, this offbeat and ambitious independent production is a perfect product for folks who like a good sight gag, hot babes and a whacky plot.

Misty Mundae plays secret agent Johnson. Her goal is to thwart the bad guys, naturally. This involves the discovery of the frozen body of a supernatural, sexually-charged cavewoman, who is the legendary Goddess of Lust (aka the First Lesbian), played to the hilt by bouncy and busty Anoushka. If unleashed, her powers of seduction can bring the world to its knees. She is soon thawed and begins her quest for world domination. Along the way there are plenty of simulated girl/girl and occasional boy/girl, situations. It is very entertaining.

This comes in two versions: Regular (unrated) at 76 minutes and Director’s Cut (rated R) at 71 minutes. The difference is in the editing, time, degree of sexual content and nudity, and the extras. It also has two different versions (UK and US) of the Behind the Scenes.

Pre-nom for Best Alternative Release.

Marketing: The R version can go mainstream, and the unrated is perfect for Hard R shelves and mostly girl/girl. Both are sexual comedies.