This is the Mother of All Distinctive Porn Locales, at least in my set-going experience: the top of Larry Flynt's world, better known as the roof of the 10-story LFP Building, where, against a 360 degree panoramic view of daytime Greater L.A., Jack the Zipper is shooting Lauren Phoenix getting banged by Nacho Vidal's cousin, Andrea Moranti.

The Clockwork/Hustler production, the Zip's fourth (and third after his stunning, AVN Award-winning debut, Stuntgirl), was to be called Scorpio Rising, a porn homage of sorts to the seminal 1963 Kenneth Anger underground film of the same name, but Jack later tells me he's changed it to White Witch since Vivid's Paul Thomas is also shooting something called Scorpio Rising and Jack doesn't want the two confused.

On my way up to the roof, accompanied by Jack's girlfriend, Kimberly Kane, I pass by, unnoticed, The Man himself in his wheelchair. Up top, it's one of those rare, gloriously clear SoCal days when, because of recent storms, the smog has been blown out to the desert so that one can actually see the city below in all directions, as well as the nearby Hollywood Hills.

Shooting hasn't started yet and Lauren, naked except for white gloves and white booties, greets me warmly, nearly melting me on the spot with her blast furnace sexuality, looking absolutely terrific with a new brunette 'do.

Jack calls for action and Lauren and Moranti, a high voltage Euro performer, first go at each other in a partially enclosed portion of the roof, she giving him some really nasty head, violently spitting on his stiffie again and again.

The scene then moves to the football field-sized main open portion of the roof that includes a helicopter landing pad, where the two fuck in a variety of positions, much of the time on what looks like a very uncomfortable slab of cinder block, before he jerks off into her mouth. Some gawkers in a gym in a neighboring building are staring at us intently from across the street, though how much they can actually see is, well, up in the air, and at one point a helicopter flies directly over. The cops? Apparently not.

"This is the most craziest location," Lauren says, and just for that aspect alone, her pairing with Moranti should be one of the more distinctive scenes of the year.