ADULTVIDEONEWS JULY 2005 ON THE SET - Camp Cuddly Pines Power Tool Massacre

"Welcome to the buffet!" Wicked director Jonathan Morgan says as I walk onto his mental hospital for insane, former strippers set where AVN Male Performer Of The Year/security guard Manuel Ferrara is being ravaged by Rita Faltoyano, Katja Kassin, Rebecca Love and Taryn Thomas.

Yeah, those chicks seem to be quite the meal even for an accomplished hired fuck like Manuel and he's kept busy in the four-girl pileup for Camp Cuddly Pines Power Tool Massacre. There's a constant stream of girls on his face or cock with the condoms deftly getting changed with each passing babe and between getting banged with the man's sizeable cock, the pretties make out with each other. Good stuff and Morgan has the action move along uncut for quite a stretch.

Francois Clousot shoots the fucking, exchanging pleasantries en francais during the few breaks, while Mark Stone captures the behind the scenes goings on, especially of Morgan teasing Faltoyano about her blasé attitude about a used condom sticking to her thigh.

When it's time for the all-important pop, Ferrara lines the girls up in a row and makes like a lawn sprinkler. Morgan, meanwhile, has a PA ready the straitjacket for the next shot.

Hey, porn's nuts, you know?