ADULTVIDEONEWS JULY 2005 INNERVIEWS - Nicki Hunter : Spirit Meets the Flesh in One Very Impressive Package

We first noticed Nicki Hunter on a set last year. What we remember about that day was that while she was merely assisting behind the camera, and despite the blistering group action going on in front of it, it was she we couldn't take our eyes off of. Dressed simply in jeans, a white tank top and a cowboy hat, this blonde, buxom beauty was one luscious distraction. Shortly thereafter, we caught her in Elegant Angel's perverse Tails From the Toilet, noting in our review that Hunter was "this reviewer's idea of a porn star: bleach blonde hair, big fake tits, fishnets and giant black whore heels." Clearly, we were hooked.

Since then, the West Palm Beach, Fla. native went on to receive an AVN Best New Starlet nomination (she entered the industry in 2003), as well as several sex scene nods for such hard-edge releases as the above-mentioned Tails, FusXion/Metro's Bitch, Powerhouse/Wildlife's Intensivity, and Lethal Hardcore's poetically entitled Pussy Farts. Later this year, she'll likely be in the running for Female Performer of the Year honors as well as more sex scene noms for any number of titles, not the least of which is her starring role in NinnWorx's striking new line, Neo_ Pornographia (where, among other activities, she can be heard exercising her beautiful singing voice). We recently interviewed Nicki at Xotic Studios, the adult sound stage she and her husband, fellow performer Jason Horne, with whom she has two young boys, rent out for porn shoots.

Nicki Hunter: I'm really, really happy. I have a very full life. I'm a businesswoman and feature dancer and talent and I do signings. I've got the KSEX radio show. I was doing the porn karaoke for a little while, hosting it. Full time family.

AVN: You're a porn renaissance woman.

Hunter: Something like that.

AVN: Are you loving it?

Hunter: I love it. I love being on set. I love the people. It's really exciting, ya know? You feel like you're accomplishing something. And I'm a hard-core success achiever. I need to know that I did something, accomplished something to the best of my ability. And that's helped me in every single genre from being a mother and a wife to being a businesswoman to being able to put out the best and baddest hardcore scenes out there.

AVN: It's pretty ambitious for somebody who's been in the industry a relatively short time to have your own studio.

Hunter: We put a lot of money into this thing. Instead of going out and buying the best car or the newest makeup, I saved for something bigger. Something that even after I quit being talent, which is not gonna be for a couple more years - No one can be doing this forever. I'm already jumping into directorial placement, job opportunities.

AVN: And have you directed anything yet?

Hunter: Actually yes, I have. I have two new movies out that are through Maximum Grind. Nicki Hunter's Out With Da Boys. And I've got No Boys Allowed, my girl line. Eventually, I'm gonna own my own product.

AVN: So let's talk sexwise. Besides being beautiful, you're really nasty and hardcore too, right?

Hunter: There's this insatiable creature that loves the pleasure, loves the sex, loves to talk dirty, loves it in every hole. I'm not afraid to go anal with some of the biggest guys. Like I did Jack Napier. He's a big boy. It's a third leg that didn't develop all the way (laughs).

AVN: Are there any sex acts you haven't done so far that you wouldn't do? Like a double A?

Hunter: I actually did my first double A for Skeeter.

AVN: Skeeter, of course. Have you done a double vag?

Hunter: Oh yeah. My pussy is actually bigger than my ass.

AVN: So I saw you interviewed by the BBC in this documentary they did on Rob Black and I think you said that you still go to church on a regular basis.

Hunter: Not so much anymore. But I did. I have a very firm base in Christianity, which ruffles some edges here in Porn Valley, because my views are very conservative. I'm a political conservative and a social liberal.

AVN: But how do you reconcile being a Christian and being a porn star?

Hunter: Well, I think that doing porn is not evil. I have problems when you get into reenacting crucifixions and bringing in priests and nuns.

AVN: Well then I'm surprised you've worked for (Tom) Zupko.

Hunter: I put up with it a lot of times, but it's not my favorite thing in the world to do. I think that it's very important to understand that there are things that are bigger than us. I justify my porn as saying sex in itself is not evil. Sex with other people, as long as it's not harming the ones around you, the ones you love, is not evil. And porn can and should be used in Christian families, and most of the time it is.

AVN: One last question. Every time I see one of your titles, your first name is spelled differently.

Hunter: I know. It's Niki, Nikki, Nicky. I don't know why it's so hard to spell Nicki. N-i-c-k-i. Get it straight. Nicki.