Fresh Off the Bus From: Long Beach, Calif.

Age: 18

Height: 5’

Weight: 105 lbs.

Measurements: “34A and I don’t know the rest.”

Boobjob plans? “I’m getting one.”

How big are you going to go? “To a C.”

Right away? What about doing young girl stuff? “I don’t wanna do young girl stuff.”

Education? “I didn’t graduate.”

How far did you make it? “11th grade, I think.”

What jobs did you have before porn? ” I worked at an Italian restaurant for, like, a day, and I had another job for a day.”

So, other than porn, you’ve worked a total of two days in your life. “Basically.”

Sounds like work went as well as your schoolin’. How long have you been doing porn? “About two months.”

Girls? “I do girls.”

What do you prefer? “Girls.”

What was your first experience with a girl? “Girls — in a closet. I was like 15, and it was in my friend’s closet, and I think there was four of us. We were in the dark feeling each other and kissing and licking nipples and stuff.”

Is that when you realized you had interest in the ladies? “Yes.”

When did you first get with a guy? “I think I was 15 for that, too. It was at my house, in my room, and it wasn’t all that. I would rather have the girls.”

Fifteen seems to have been a turning point for you. “It’s when I became a whore. I started being a rebel, a pussy rebel.”

How many scenes have you been in so far? “Like 60.”

In two months?! “I work every day, sometimes twice a day, three times a day, even four times!”

What’s your favorite thing about porn? “The attention and the moolah.”

Long range plans? “To become famous. And to start my own production company.”