Onyxxx Films. D: Phashon. Pimpin' Young, Antonique, Danger, Twyla, Paradise, Passion, Keesha Keys, Lil' Mona, Others.

AAAA 1/2

Extras: Behind the Scenes, Bonus Footage, Still Gallery.

Hot on the heels and ho's of the AVNAward Winning release, originally titled Pimpfonation, Phashon earns himself and Onyxxx another winner with the tried and true commitment to turgidity that proves real, raw and ultra-raunchy.

This is what it's like down in the streets, and from the first riveting rut fest — where a big dicked player pounces on a ho's cat like there's a Free Pussy! sign on her snatch — it's non-stop. She hungrily tools on his meat, as does Twyla in the next scene before we witness a wonder of missionary sex on a bed. Forget about what you think it sounds like, this is the kind of action that drives men to pimp and be a player; it's that irresistible.

The power of the pussy and relentless rutting is perfectly offset by a music video style edit approach that proves the complement to the crack and boom of the ghetto rhythms that permeate the soundtrack, adding that special something that only a night on the other side of town brings to a daring man on the street.

Onyxxx wisely packages a separate music disc to further treat fans of fucking, music and a lifestyle that's sexy, slick and sizzling with the smell of cash, coochie and cocks exploding with unbridled energy. This video not only does Onyxxx Films proud, but proves that Phashon is unmatched in Big Pimpin' Porn.

Marketing: Urban and unbelievably hot; hip hop and hardcore fans will thank you for bringing them the best ethnic joint in porn.