Mercenary Europe. D: Mandy Bright. Mandy Bright, Maria Bellucci, Katy Parker, Jasmin. 134 Min.

AAAA 1/2

Extras: Behind the Scenes, Fetish Menus, Still Gallery, Trailers.

Wow. Who wuda thunk? So many first-time directorial efforts by performers are straight off the porn assembly line, generic and faceless. So it was with great surprise that we watched Hell's Angels, Mandy Bright's all-girl directorial debut for Mercenary Europe, unfold with striking high style from first bracing frame to last. Oozing a dark, gothic, Old World Budapest sensibility throughout its six beautifully shot and edited sex scenes, Hell's Angels is the most distinctive pussy-partial title of the year thus far.

It's also a sizzling showcase for Bright, AVN's 2004 Female Foreign Performer of the Year, whose wicked sexual predator persona dominates just about every fetish-flavored scene, looking absolutely ravishing in a variety of guises.

Throughout, Hell's Angels exhibits an uncommonly perverse aesthetic, such as when Bright, adorned in a scalding white leather and latex nurse's outfit, accosts a wheelchair-bound patient with dils, and later, as a kinked-out-vampire, chases down and devours a frightened piece of fresh pussy in a dilapidated mansion. Other sick touches include Mandy doing a ghoul on a slab in a blood-covered morgue and peeing into tee cups as wide-eyed dolls look on, then soiling their cherubic innocence a bit.

All in all, a very impressive first turn behind the camera by Bright, sophisticated, stylish and frequently scalding.

Marketing: Should be a well, hell of a mover out of your all-girl and Euro sections.