Studio A Entertainment. D: Andrew Blake. Ginger Jolie, Haley Page, Paola Rey, Charlie Laine, Robbie Blair, Justine, Sarah Blake, Jelena Jensen. Kim Cream, Jean Val Jean. 105 Min.

AAAA 1/2

Extras: Bonus Footage.

Seeing an Andrew Blake film is like being drawn into an obsessive, voyeuristic experience based on worship of the female form in the highest order. Here, Ginger Jolie is the sacrament Blake offers up to the god of lust.

Salvation will come to anyone who needs to get back in touch with their purest self and Blake's filmic work is filled with the purest form of eroticism. Woman becomes erotic perfection. Jolie is offered up as the basis for this voyage and she more than exceeds in sensualizing her slinky, model like form through a series of scenarios, most lasting no more than a few minutes, many with just her and a few props; a toilet, a cigarette, curlers and a digit in her perfect asshole, drawn out in languid close ups where one feels the dusky presence of aroused genitalia as a hypnotizing soundtrack helps weave the spell into another level of sexualized worship. You won't want to stop watching this performer and the rest of the cast as well.

The bodies, the light, the camera angles and other nuances of Blake's style are presented in a pristine parade of imagery and by the time Jolie is presented as a sex bomb, wearing curlers on a rooftop, you may never want to see women another way, or at least have sex with them when they do catch your eye, while wearing curlers.

In the almost two hour feature there are plenty of other moments of mesmerizing femininity on display, most of the heat delivered by Justine, Charlie Laine and the pouty/pretty Haley Page.

Blake does it again and if there's an entry level piece of adult entertainment for those who don't want any kind of drama, plot or high concept hardcore, see this movie. It's a gateway to great moments of memorable lust and this picture delivers more than it's share.

Marketing Tips: Stock prominently in your Andrew Blake section.