Cute little Canadian Malezia was telling people she was a Vivid Girl even before she'd even met anyone from Vivid. Now that's confidence, since we know not just anyone becomes a Vivid Girl.

And she did become a Vivid Girl last year. She won't say how long her contract is (it's a secret), but would admit that she would do six titles and more than a dozen scenes.

She splits her time between Montreal and Porn Valley, no doubt finding the time to fulfill her contractual sexual needs. What more do you need to know? She's hot. She's a Vivid Girl. She is Malezia.

AVN: So you're Malezia.

Malezia: "It's Maw-lay-ze-uh."

AVN: How did a pretty girl like you come up with such a pretty name?

Malezia: "From the country."

AVN: Ah, imported. Are you part Malaysian?

Malezia: "Yes. And Hungarian and Egyptian."

AVN: My people tell me you measure in at 32C-28-38. Sound right?

Malezia: "Yeah."

AVN: And no boob job?

Malezia: "Yep."

AVN: A Vivid Girl without a boobjob. How unusual.

Malezia: "[Vivid co-owner] Stephen [Hirsch] doesn't allow me to."

AVN: Really? You sure you read the contract correctly?

Malezia: "He doesn't want me to."

AVN: What do you want?

Malezia: "I want to, but he won't let me."

AVN: What's this I hear about you wanting to become an attorney?

Malezia: "Yeah, I wanted to. I wish I could, but I don't think it'll happen because, I mean, it's like 10 years of fucking school, and I'm always traveling here and there, so in those few moments, it's impossible. Maybe one day, if I have nothing to do, if I can do it by computer, I guess I'll do it. I like, like, law shit and, like, criminal murders, all that stuff. It's something that I would love to do, but I don't know if I'll do it."

AVN: Any idea how long you want to be in the jizz biz? Are you looking to make a few bucks and split, or do you want a career in adult?

Malezia: "I guess we'll see."

AVN: Was Cinema Obscura your first big production?

Malezia: "Yeah."

AVN: Was it intimidating having so many people on hand?

Malezia: "I was a bit stressed, just because all the cameras and everything. It didn't change anything in my life. It's even better now. I know that I'm great in front of that camera. After that, I've done Viewer Discretion, and I just did Deep Inside Malezia."

AVN: So you used to tell people you were a Vivid Girl even before you'd ever met with Vivid.

Malezia: "Yeah. I was saying, 'I'm a Vivid Girl!' The first was in March [2004] when I went to Internext in Florida; I was just talkin' bullshit, you know?"

AVN: So you met Jay [Grdina, aka Mr. Jenna Jameson].

Malezia: "Yeah. I met Jay He set up the meeting with Steve at [the Adult Entertainment Expo], and they did a test shoot."

AVN: What is a porn test shoot like?

Malezia: "Just testing. You do a porn shoot. Like I did a scene for Savanna [Samson]'s movie."

AVN: So it's just like doing a scene.

Malezia: "Then they did pictures with me, make me look as natural as possible, and see if it looks good."

AVN: It must be nice on the ego for things to come together so quickly and easily.

Malezia: "Mmmhmmm."

AVN: At what point did you think it was time to start getting naked for a living?

Malezia: "I don't know. I didn't think about it. I just did it. Nobody pushed me or anything. It was my decision. I went to strip clubs, and I saw how they did, and they were making money, and I said, 'I want to make money, too.'"

AVN: Biggest turn on?

Malezia: "My ass."

AVN: Mine too! Any unfulfilled sexual fantasies? Something that you want to do, but haven't?

Malezia: "Maybe it's like 1,000 girls lining up so I can fuck them with a strap-on."

AVN: What are your goals?

Malezia: "I want to be the star of each year at the AVN Awards, I guess, for now. I'm already thinking what I'm gonna be saying."

AVN: What do you have down so far?

Malezia: "I'm not saying. That's to come. Personal shit. You'll have to be at the AVN Awards."

AVN: Do you consider yourself a role model?

Malezia: "What's a role model?"

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