Ever hungry, ever pushing the envelope, that beast known as the porn meat grinder is always Jonesing for fearless, fresh blood to be pulverized in ever-inventively base and depraved ways. Enter the misleadingly pert Gia Paloma, a charter member of that new generation of female performers who are harder, nastier, rougher and tougher than those who came before them. Her first-ever scene, fer Crissakes, was a d.p. Now what does that tell you about her? Which makes it all the more puzzling — inexplicable really — that this AVN 2004 Best New Starlet nominee says she's not getting as much work these days as she'd like to. Hopefully, this interview can help remedy the situation. Are you getting this, producers?

AVN: Why don't you tell me about your background and where you grew up?

Gia Paloma: I'm from Walnut, California. Up near Pomona (about sixty miles east of Porn Valley). It's a small town nobody's heard of. Go figure. So, yeah, that's where I grew up. I'm Italian.

AVN: Are you in the Mafia?

Paloma: Yeah.

AVN: Well, I won't fuck with you then.

Paloma: Yeah. Watch who you mess with.

AVN: Was your upbringing normal or what?

Paloma: I guess. Typical suburban life. Soccer mom. All that good stuff.

AVN: How old are you?

Paloma: 20.

AVN: And how long have you been in the business for?

Paloma: About a year and a half.

AVN: How's it going so far?

Paloma: So far, so good. The harder it gets, the better.

AVN: You like it hard, in other words.

Paloma: Yeah, I love the hardcore. It's so funny, like, I took a break for like a month and a half just to chill out. And since I've been back, all I've been doing is gangbangs. Like, double anal gangbangs.

AVN: That's what you get for taking a break.

Paloma: I'm not complaining.

AVN: So how did you get into this wonderful, crazy business of ours?

Paloma: Oh, so many reasons. But mainly I like sex. I'd just broken up with my ex, and I needed it. And I also needed money. And I also thought it would be a great way to get back at the bastard. Ya know. He walks out one morning and sitting on his doorstep are these ultra hardcore movies. The look on his face ...

AVN: Would serve him right. Before you got into the industry, were you a fan of porn at all?

Paloma: I saw like these Old School things from back in the '80s, and it was like totally softcore that my ex kept sitting under his desk. And we watched like five minutes of it.

AVN: He sounds really lame.

Paloma: Yeah.

AVN: Now you're teaching him how to really do it.

Paloma: I offered him anal, and he refused.

AVN: Are you serious?

Paloma: Yeah. He would go limp. Like he would start to stick it in and noodle right up.

AVN: What a pussy.

Paloma: He could have had the Gia Paloma anal experience, but he passed it up.

AVN: What would you say is your favorite sex to have on camera?

Paloma: Well, I like ... I really have the same kinda sex off camera as I do on camera. I really like it rough. I love, for me? I'd almost rather get face fucked than anywhere else. I just get such a high off ... because I'm just such a good sub, that I love ... you know what I mean? I just love anything oral. I love having something in my mouth. I used to suck my thumb as a kid, so maybe that's where it comes from. But I just love being choked out. For me, it's like that lack of oxygen. But that gets me off more than anything else. I like try to go over the top, and always with something new.

AVN: You? Over the top?

Paloma: No. Not me. Not Gia. I just lay there and take it. I wait for it to be over.

AVN: You like the big drool, right?

Paloma: Um hum. Getting it everywhere. Hocking loogies at the guy. Trying to get all the balls and the cock in at the same time. It's wonderful. Nothing better.

AVN: How about anal?

Paloma: Anal. I like reverse cowgirl. Dick Delaware can actually make me cum when he's in my ass. He's the only person I've found that can do that, but, for whatever reason ...

AVN: Have you ever done a double A?

Paloma: Oh yeah. Of course. Been doing them from the start, man.

AVN: Well, excuse me. Double vag's, yes?

Paloma: I'm sad to say, no. My pussy's too small.

Some of Gia's many wank-worthy titles are Anal Teen Tryouts 3 (Devil's Films), Big Wet Asses (Elegant Angel), Bring 'um Young 15 (Anabolic), Dementia (Mayhem), Double Dip 'er 3 (LeWood), Gia Has a Negro Problem 3 (JM), Grand Theft Anal 4 (Zero Tolerance), Lezbo A Go-Go (VCA), POV Pervert 2 (Red Light District), Riot Sluts (Platinum X Pictures), Shitty Shitty Bang Bang (Smash), Squeel Like a Pig! (Notorious) and of course, The Violation of Gia Paloma (JM). To find what other titles she's been in, enter her name in's review search engine.

At press time, Gia signed an exclusive directing contract for Corey Jordan's new production company, No Boundaries, to helm a series called, appropriately enough, Gia Paloma's Nasty Hard Sex . Her contract doesn't preclude her from performing for other companies, hint, hint.