Company: Cal Vista/Metro.

Director: D. Cypher.

Cast: Brittney Skye, Nina Hartley, Violet Blue, Justine Joli, Haley Paige, Steven St. Croix, Barrett Blade, Tommy Gunn; Jim Enright (Non-Sex Role), Others.

AAAA 1/2

Running Time: 112 Min.

D. Cypher is one of the best screenplay writers porn currently has, and here he takes a notoriously cheesy porn set-up — babes behind bars — and makes it work phenomenally well. It's a sexy, sad tale rife with self-denial and definitely one of the best features this reviewer has seen this year by far.

Brittney Skye is amazingly good as a stripper who makes bad choice after bad choice (drugs, hooking, murdering her husband) until she ends up in prison, where she is executed for killing her guard boyfriend Barrett Blade. The story is almost all effectively told by Skye's voiceover of letters to her daughter, Violet Blue, who engages in a hot b/g with boyfriend Randy Spears. Nina Hartley is very effective as a jailhouse dyke, who swallows sweet, young Justine Joli whole.

Marketing: Your Cal Vista section, couples looking for something moody and good.