Fresh Off the Bus From: Hollywood

Age: 20

Height: 5’3”

Weight: 110

Measurements? “I just know that I’m a 38B. I’m a size small.”

Education: “I graduated from Hollywood High.”

You run into a lot of former classmates that have seen your work? “Yeah, it’s a little uncomfortable, because I wasn’t like that in high school. I was quiet.”

Thinking of getting a boobjob? “Maybe, but not right now.”

What’s your heritage? “My dad is Italian, and my mom is Mexican.”

Do they know what you’re doing? “My mom knows, my dad doesn’t.”

How long have you been in the business? “A month.”

What did you do before this? “I was a hostess at the Hollywood Old Spaghetti Factory.”

When was the first time you were with a guy? “Sixteen. It was uncomfortable because I really didn’t know what to expect.”

With a girl? “Fourteen. My parents got mad at me, and I went to sleep at my friend’s house. She was lending me some PJs to wear, and then she just started touching me and kissing me. It was kind of awkward, but I liked it.”

What was your first title?Too Pretty for Porn for TT Boy.”

An appropriate title. Whose the best person you’ve worked with so far? “Mr. Marcus, he was really cool, and he made me feel really comfortable. For a girl scene, it was with Dillan Lauren.”

Who do you want to perform with? “Ron Jeremy. I’d like to have sex with somebody with so much experience.”

How did you get into porn? “This guy Antonio. I met him at a coffee shop, and we started talking, and he asked me if I’d ever do porn. I signed with LA Direct Models a week later.”

How many scenes have you done before? “About 20.”

We hope there are many more. “There will be. I want to see how far I can take it.”

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