Relaunches announced today that a new-and-improved version of its Video-on-Demand site has launched.

“We assembled a team of bright and talented programmers and together delivered a superior quality VoD system, the likes of which are expected from a company like Platinum Bucks,” says product manager Nick Sabatino. “We focused our efforts towards the consumers, ensuring the site offered the highest-quality video and hassle-free experience. We are very proud and excited about the final product and urge studios and webmasters to keep an eye out for some upcoming exciting news from Adult Rental.” The move signals Platinum Bucks’ commitment to VoD technology and the Adult Rental site.

Working seven days a week and utilizing 40 machines, Adult Rental now encodes and releases several thousand movies monthly in multiple bit-rate formats, adding thousands of gigabytes worth of finished product.

Along with top studios such as Red Light District, Demolition/Acid Rain, Legend, Platinum X Pictures, and Caballero, Adult Rental also offers exclusive movies.

Webmasters earn up to $25 per sign-up. New marketing tools include free demos for each movie and targeted niche links.