AdultMobileSolutions Launches Web-to-WAP Service

AdultMobileSolutions, the adult division of U.K. mobile specialist txtNation, has launched a Web-to-WAP service allowing adult webmasters to create mobile versions of their websites.

“Adult webmasters are already sitting on terabytes of digital data,” says Marc Jarrett, txtNation’s adult business development manager. “Mobile is simply a new distribution channel allowing adult webmasters to turn bytes into bucks.”

All solutions include automated image transcoding and adaptive delivery of graphical content as well as an image preview feature that allows end users to zoom, rotate, and shift images before downloading.

A wide range of graphical formats are supported, and the highly scalable architecture is capable of serving millions of users simultaneously.

“It is important for webmasters to think outside the fixed-line box,” says Jarrett. “People nowadays take their cells with them everywhere. The mobile Internet is here, and it’s real. You can promote your new WAP site offline and cross-promote your website to a whole new audience at the same time.”