Launches CashPoints

Adult search engine has launched its webmaster program, CashPoints.

The search engine displays text-based ads on various search results and category pages for targeted traffic. The webmaster program allows webmasters to add their own adverts to the search engine for no layout cost.

Along with the advert traffic, webmasters get detailed real-time stats covering every day the advert is clicked and website referrals.

Webmasters link to AdultHoo with a referral code, and when surfers click on links within the AdultHoo database, CashPoints are credited to the referring webmaster’s account.

CashPoints are generated when surfers click on links. Every click that is made by a surfer generates .002 cents. Each advert click generates .005 cents. A cookie with a 365-day duration allows the system to work, so surfers belong to referring webmasters for 365 days.

Webmasters also can submit their websites.