AdultGrind Offers News To Public is offering its daily news, press releases and hot topics from the Rated Hot message board to the public. In addition, will be conducting a bi-weekly review of software and sponsorship programs. Sponsored by Gothbox, AdultGrind will deliver a daily update on news that reflects the current state of the adult industry, news that impacts the adult industry legally and the bizarre and wild happenings around the world.

“We offer a site where Webmasters can catch up on the daily happenings in the adult biz without all the extra clutter that you find on most news related sites,” owner Billy Gradey told AVN Online. “I myself like to get on first thing before I hit the daily grind and see what’s new, but I despise having to sift through a site full of in-your-face advertisements and wading through links of resources to find what I am looking for.”

AdultGrind’s first two reviews will feature two outstanding programs, Taboo Tracking's affiliate management software and Sextronix’s Affiliate Program. The software reviews will look at things like ease of installation, compatibility with various OS, ease of integration into your current setup and price.

The sponsorship program reviews will also list a number of sites available for promotion, payout structure, billing structure, niches covered, ease of navigation of the site, support team information and information concerning conversions and any problems experienced with the program. 

“We give the adult Webmaster exactly what they are looking for when they come to our site,” said Grady. “Webmasters that come to our site are most likely looking for one thing, and that is industry related media. They can find what they want easily. There are so many news related sites out there that also offer a site full of Webmaster resources and message boards, that’s not what we are going for. We want to keep it simple. Make it a starting point for Webmasters before they start their daily routines.” will be looking to the Webmaster community for individual experiences with various programs including visiting with users of the programs and monitoring activity throughout the various Webmaster resources. The programs that will be reviewed will have free advertising for their site while their review is listed. They will keep customers informed through a newsletter and press releases as to which sites are selected for review.

“We would like to become as popular as a lot of the other sites out there, of course,” added Grady. “As our goal for the next year we are looking into syndicating all of our content. We want to offer our updated news, press releases and reviews as a tool that Webmasters can add to their sites. We are currently syndicating our World Sex Headlines to Princess over at and it is working out great. We are not looking to expand as in adding more resources, but to expand on what we already offer and keeping it simple for the Webmaster.”