Adult Video Liquidators Hosts Alektra Blue, Courtney Cummz Signing

HAMDEN, Conn. – Zero Tolerance contract starlet/director Courtney Cummz and starlet Alektra Blue will make a special in-store appearance this Saturday at Adult Video Liquidators (2259 State St.) in Hamden, Connecticut. The girls will be available to meet and greet their fans, from 6 to 10 p.m.

“Both girls are really beautiful so we’re definitely looking forward it,” Adult Video Liquidators owner, David Moon, told AVN. “This is our first signing, so it’s especially exciting.”

The store is also offering free novelties for the ladies and free adult DVDs for the guys.

Moon, only 21 years old, opened Adult Video Liquidators a little over a year ago. “I had somehow gotten kicked out of junior college at the time,” Moon laughed, “and so I went back home to work for my old man. I realized that pretty much sucked, and my girlfriend had gotten pregnant. A few months later, she and I couldn’t have sex. So I went up the street to the local porn shop, and the place was a dump. I asked the guy if the shop was for sale and he told me ‘no.’ I went back a few days later and the owner said, ‘You were asking if the place was for sale the other day, here’s how much I’ll sell it for.’ Ten days later I was painting the place.”

After borrowing money from his family to start the business, Moon said he went through the same trails and tribulations as any brick and mortar company in an increasingly tech-shifting world.

“I used to buy my porn on the internet like everybody else,” explained Moon. “I didn’t know what titles to buy when I was starting out. We would actually go around to all of the whore houses in the area and sell condoms and lingerie to the hookers after closing up the store every night, to make some extra cash. I don’t have to do that any more…my girlfriend wasn’t too happy with it anyway,” he laughed.

“Things are a lot better now. We’ve become our own distributor, with about twelve clients. [Elegant Angel marketing and promotions manager,] Mike Barbella helped us out as well. Business has been great and it gets better every single week.”