Adult Talent Agencies Form Trade Association

LOS ANGELES - Eight licensed and bonded adult talent agencies have united to form the Adult Entertainment Agents Trade Association (AEATA).

According to a joint announcement released today, the purpose of the AEATA is "to pursue the mutual interest of the licensed agents."

AEATA's founding members are Jim South of World Modeling, Derek Hay of LA Direct Models, Joel Lawrence of Gold Star Modeling, September Dawn of A-List Talent, Lisa Ann of Lisa Ann's Talent Management, Kevin and Kelly Kline of Type 9 Models, Shy Love of Adult Talent Managers, and TJ DiReda and Kevin Applebaum of  IT Models.

According to the AEATA statement, agencies that have obtained a license create "a more responsible, professional and legal adult entertainment industry." The AEATA stands ready to encourage and assist all unlicensed agents in their desire to become licensed.

The AEATA invites any unlicensed agent to an AEATA meeting at noon at Dec. 13 to provide proof of a submitted application to the state to demonstrate their desire to become licensed. Arrangements to attend this meeting can be made by calling any member agency.  All those who attend and produce their submitted application will be given associate member status. Upon receiving their license from the state an associate member will be awarded full membership of the AEATA.

A website will be unveiled for the purpose of clarity and communication with regard to the association's members, rules and agenda. Members will be encouraged to privately post and communicate with regard to trouble they are incurring within the industry. This may include but is not limited to discussions on talent and producers suspected of booking around agency contracts, talent that moonlight at unlicensed agencies, and producers that don't follow through on payment for services rendered.

The licensed agents have agreed to respect each others contracts and feel it is imperative that their contracts be respected by the community. The AEATA will take great interest in the enforcement and long term viability of the licensed agent's contracts. 

The AEATA looks forward to being a substantial and long-term contributor to the adult entertainment community.