Adult Supersource Supersizes AEE Presence

Distributor The Adult Supersource normally shares booth space with sister production companies Sin City and Mayhem but this year, the booth space is primarily dedicated to the distributor rather than to the company’s highly visible porn production arms.

The majority of the booth is outfitted to resemble a functioning adult retail store with DVDs, novelties and other items all stocked as if they are ready for purchase and it’s all authentic right down the fake cash register near the booth’s entrance.

Bob Wolf, general manager of The Adult Supersource, told, “We’ve actually got the same size booth we’ve always had but we are utilizing it a lot differently. The concept is that people know Sin City, they know Mayhem and both of them have the front presence and have girls signing.but getting people to understand that there’s a lot more that we do is what’s important. We wanted to give the retail store owner a much better idea of what we do. We’ve set up stores for people all across the country so setting up a retail store here at AEE made a lot of sense.”

And as for show-only sales for their customers? Wolf smiled broadly and said, “We’ve got pages and pages of specials."