Adult Store Clerk Killed in Robbery

KILGORE, Texas—Police are still searching for a suspect in the shooting death of a clerk at the Kilgore Adult Video Store on Industrial Avenue.

It was shortly after midnight on Monday when police got a call from the store's owner, saying that one of his clerks, 25-year-old Renee Garrett, was having "a problem" with one of her customers. But when police arrived at the store's snow-blanketed parking lot, they discovered Garrett's body, which sustained a single gunshot wound, and the store's cash box missing along with an undetermined amount of money.

"Renee Garrett had intended to close down early and close at midnight," Acting Police Chief Roman Roberson told writer Paul Goldberg. "It was shortly after that we got the call. She had originally called the manager because there was some type of problem with a customer and the store manager called and requested for us to respond and check on her. That’s when we found her."

Police confiscated the tape from the store's security camera and are hopeful that the killer's actions were captured on video, and that the person may be identified from the tape.

However, Garrett's aunt, Mary Isham, told television station KLTV said that is unlikely, since according to her conversations with police officers who had been at the scene, "They said that whoever it was knew where the cameras were, and they stayed out of view."

Police are continuing their investigation, and the store's owner, Gregg County Video Corporation, has offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator. The Crimestoppers organization has offered to sweeten that offer by another $1,000.

Anyone with information regarding the crime can contact Detective Jason Brannon or Sergeant Tony Stone at (903) 983-1559 or call Crimestoppers at (903) 236-STOP.