Allie Knox Reveals All in A&E’s ‘Sex for Sale: The Untold Story

LOS ANGELESAllie Eve Knox, also known in the adult video world simply as Allie Knox, was a broke grad student in 2014 when she applied her ambitious entrepreneurial skills to sex work. By 2017, she was debt-free, had completed building her dream home and was living a life of luxury—and fans can watch the whole story of Allie Eve Knox on “Sex for Sale: The Untold Story,” the upcoming episode of the new A&E docu-series “The Untold Story,” set to air at 9 p.m. on Thursday, April 18.

In light of her impending mainstream fame, Knox suggests that media who are interested in furthering dialogue about sex work and female empowerment will want to get ahead of the competition by booking the articulate starving-student-turned-successful-sex-worker now in conjunction with her appearance on A&E. Those wishing to speak with Knox about her role in the show, her career, her thoughts on sex work and more may contact [email protected].

Known for her work for top adult companies such as Girlfriends Films, Digital Sin, Digital Playground and Nubile Films, and her award-nominated camming and clip content, on the show, Knox discusses the importance of decriminalizing sex work, the dangers of the SESTA-FOSTA bill, her meteoric rise in the fast-changing industry, her work with the crypto-camming site Spankchain, her connection to Bitcoin and more.

“Sex for Sale: The Untold Story” features host Elizabeth Vargas as she explores the inner workings of the new sex trade, which relies on the internet to tap into a huge demand for sex, intimacy and companionship, through immersive character-driven portraits of various sex workers.

“I am excited to be a part of this engaging new docu-series that examines the various aspects of the adult industry,” Knox said. “I hope after watching, viewers understand sex work is real work, and gain new respect and understanding of sex workers.”

Despite having two bachelor’s degrees and a master’s degree, the Atlanta native struggled early on with a low-paying job and a seeming mountain of college debt, when in 2015, she joined the adult industry after realizing she could make far more money in adult films than she could working 9 to 5. She soon made an impact in the business with adult films from several well-respected companies before turning her attention to the camming and clips market just as the industry was severely impacted by the growing number of tube sites offering free porn and other content. She quickly found her niche camming and creating her own content for clip sites that allowed users to download her clips or custom order clips which were made to their specifications.

Her good looks, playful personality and business acumen soon helped her build a worldwide following that put her on the road to becoming one of the highest earning performers in the camming and clips sphere. As one of the early supporters of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and others, Knox has sidestepped the chargebacks and other withholdings from banks or other mainstream financial institutions that single out adult performers for special restrictions.

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