Adult Source Media Titles Featured in Mainstream Movie

As the work week comes to an end, people across the country begin to make plans for the weekend. While some will flock to the movies for entertainment and escapism, many will stay home and jerk off feverishly to Keri Sable videos instead. But that can all change this weekend when Universal Pictures releases Smokin' Aces, a dark action comedy starring Ben Affleck, Jason Bateman, Alicia Keys, Jeremy Piven, and now-retired porn starlet Sable's tight and sexy peach-fuzzed ass.

A scene from Adult Source Media's Finders Keepers is prominently featured in the Joe Carnahan (Narc) directed mob film that opens nationwide in theaters on Friday. Sable's tush makes an appearance as Jason Bateman ("Arrested Development," It's Your Move) is interrupted in mid-stroke by angry mobsters while watching the video.

"Jason Bateman is jerking off to Keri Sable on the TV when the mob guys bust in on him," explained Barrett Blade, director of Finders Keepers. "He pauses it real quick and there's this whole dialogue interaction. But, behind them the entire time, on this 70" plasma, is Keri Sable's ass. I thought that was kind of cool."

Blade is excited and proud to have his work featured in a major Hollywood production. "It's cool because they went around to a bunch of adult production companies and they chose my titles, which I'm really happy about. It's actually one of my favorite ones. It has Keri Sable, Kirsten Price, and Tory Lane. It's a good lineup."

The box covers for the Blade-directed Adult Source Media video She's Got Mad Skillz and the company's Japanese anime title Daiakuji can also be seen in the Bateman scene.

"We are absolutely thrilled that a major mainstream studio chose several of our top notch live action adult films, as well as an adult anime classic to be showcased in Smokin' Aces," said Wendy Crawford, President of Adult Source Media.

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