Adult Source Media Prepping CGI <i>Pinks</i> for Release

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Adult Source Media's upcoming CGI animated feature Pinks offers something a step above what's been attempted before in this realm.

"There's been a few others," said co-producer Jim Crawford, "but they've kind of taken place in a monster, alien or fantasy world. And the reason why other people went that route is, it's really hard to do a real-world environment of people. Pinks is a completely real-world environment, [and] nobody's ever done that in a CGI-type environment. There's no aliens or tentacles in this movie."

Directed by AVN award winner David Lord, Pinks centers on an urban gang of street racers who decide that instead of anteing up their pink slips as the prize, they'll race for each other's girlfriends.

The project has taken a year to produce, and utilized, as Crawford explained, "the same equipment that DreamWorks or any of them are using. Our company is growing, so with that, the next step [from the 2D anime it's known for] would be CGI. With Pixar and Shrek and all the other movies that have been taking place, they're extreme blockbusters, not only for the kids that want to see them, but their parents also grew up on 'The Simpsons' and all that kind of stuff, so they're used to watching it. Plus the success of games like 'World of Warcraft' and other stuff like that, there's people that are constantly living in a CGI environment."

In addition to using the best equipment, ASM brought in some of the best animators available to realize Pinks. Said Crawford, "I come from a Hollywood background; I still have a lot of good friends in mainstream Hollywood. The animators that are working on this project have also worked on some of the biggest-budget films in Hollywood."

Added ASM president Wendy Crawford, "We've put together a very good team, and that's really what makes a difference, is getting guys that work really well together that all have different skill sets."

Part of the process in creating Pinks was to use top-notch motion capture facilities, and as it happens, they were also occupied at the time by one very big Hollywood name.

"We're not allowed to say where we did the motion capture," Jim related, "but next door was James Cameron with his upcoming, huge feature. Actually, it became a problem, 'cause they were taking off from his sessions and hanging out on our set.

"What we've done in a year is pretty amazing," he said. "Nobody has ever, with the technology that we're using, been able to complete something like this in the amount of time that we have."

ASM plans to release Pinks by September 28. A trailer is coming soon, and screen captures are available for viewing at