Adult Source Media Continues 'Night Shift Nurses' Series

Adult Source Media (ASM), a producer and distributor of adult anime, continues Japan's longest-running Hentai series, Night Shift Nurses, with Experiment Vol. 2, shipping to stores August 28.

“This series truly just keeps getting better and better,” John Amatucci, VP of Sales at ASM, told AVN.

In the latest volume in the perverse series, lead character Sora becomes a tester for a new virility drug. “He basically tries to bang every single nurse in the hospital and pretty much does," Amatucci explained.

Sora then snoops around the hospital and stumbles upon information about a sex-addicted nurse at the ward named Hiyori Kisaragi. Eventually, he becomes the guinea pig for nurse Kisaragi’s sexual experiments.

“It’s a lot of the same great stuff that this series offers,” continued Amatucci. “Hot nurses and the men who love them.”

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