Adult Source Lets Loose With Spizoo's 'Angry Wives Unleashed'

LAS VEGAS—Break up to make up. That’s what the couples do in Angry Wives Unleashed: Make Up Sex, a new movie from Spizoo. The title offers fantasies of hot sex between four wives and the husbands who piss them off.

Aaliyah Love, Romi Rain, Jessica Jaymes and Briana Banks star as the four steaming spouses.

Whether it’s over their husbands coming home late, forgetting an anniversary or leaving the toilet seat up, these hot babes are burning with anger and ready to teach them who’s the real boss. After some groveling and pleading, all is forgiven and it’s time to kiss and make out.

Said a Spizoo spokesperson, “I personally researched this project by aggravating the hell out of my wife all week until it got to the point she was ready to pour a bowl of hot spaghetti on top of my head.”

He continued, “As a man, it is our nature of course to find the right balance in order to keep a marriage healthy. One of these ‘balances’ is knowing how to get your wife to be just angry enough that she doesn’t kick you out of the house, but instead fucks the living daylights out of you to the point of revenge. Nothing beats Angry Wives Unleashed: Make Up Sex.

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