Adult Products Distributor Nalpac Acquires Entrenue

FERNDALE, Mich.—Adult products distributor Nalpac has acquired Scottsdale, Ariz.-based distributor Entrenue.

The purchase of its competitor allows Nalpac to rapidly expand with a west coast-based warehouse and offices, along with an award-winning staff with experienced team members.

Nalpac was purchased by Steve and Andy Craig in 2017 and since then, the Craig Brothers have transformed Nalpac into one of the leaders in the space, always looking for ways to make improvements that benefit not just themselves but both their partners and customers, the company said in its announcement.

"Our team is excited about the merger with Entrenue and their outstanding staff, who share the same commitment to providing the highest level of service to every customer,” said Steve Craig, Nalpac CEO. “For Nalpac, this expansion supports our continued vision for growth across all sectors of the sexual health and wellness community. Joe spent years building a unique business that has become a one-of-a-kind distribution model transcending adult distribution."

Nalpac has spent a significant amount of time and resources on upgrading technology and logistics with the goal of adding value at the distribution level for both the customers and manufacturers. Nalpac said it has done everything possible to invest in people, technology, and process, which are values they are committed to moving forward and implementing at Entrenue.

"After 16 years of owning Entrenue, it is time for me to move on. I have accomplished everything I had in my sights during that time, including bringing pleasure and joy to millions of people, donating a ton to charity, improving thousands of small businesses along the way, and supporting the livelihoods of my dedicated staff every day,” Entrenue founder Joe Casella said. “I wanted to sell to an ethical team who had a proven track record of success, an excellent reputation and had impressed me over the years.

“After speaking with the Craig brothers from Nalpac, it was clear to me that they were my top choice. After hearing their story and what they did with Nalpac, never hearing a bad word about them from my peers, and seeing them included regularly by new suppliers about conversations in brand exclusivity, they stood out to me. After dealing with them over the last several months in this deal, I see that I made the right choice. They are kind, have integrity, and have exciting plans to grow my baby ... make that my 16-year-old. Thank you again to my talented suppliers, incredible retailers, and my dedicated staff, who happen to be my family away from home."

The deal gives both Nalpac and Entrenue manufacturing partners the ability to reach an expanded database of customers. In time, retailers will have access to a broader range of brands and product selections across all categories. Each business will continue to operate in Ferndale and Scottsdale with a full staff and in current locations while working with customers and suppliers through the transition of ownership.

"I'm thrilled about the Nalpac and Entrenue acquisition and believe it's an intelligent, prosperous synergy and win-win for all. I'm personally very excited to work with the Nalpac team to build new relationships across all departments,” said Lily Wang, Entrenue VP of sales and marketing. “This is a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow more with a larger organization. In the near future, our teams will have access to new and different resources, tools, and expertise from all the successful team members. Nalpac has become a rising and worthy competitor, but our preferred partner because of their positive work ethics!”

Over the course of the next year, both teams will be working together to streamline logistics, shipping and integration, as well as the introduction of Nalpac's technology systems. The process, Nalpac said, will be focused on returning the “soul and mission” of Entrenue while making doing business with Entrenue more effortless for customers and suppliers.

"I had the opportunity to work with Joe, Lily, and the Entrenue team in my prior experience in retail, and I have immense respect for their special brand of service,” said Phoebe Grott, Nalpac Director of Marketing & Strategic Partnership. “Both Nalpac and Entrenue have long-standing relationships in the industry and are aligned on values and integrity. I am excited to collaborate with the great folks at Entrenue to deliver the best services and assortment at the distributor level in 2023 and beyond,"

Nalpac and Entrenue teams, Nalpac said, look forward to working closely with suppliers and customers to leverage this merger for strategic growth in the sexual health and wellness marketplace in the coming year and beyond.

Manufacturers or customers with questions about the merger can reach out to their point of contact at either Nalpac or Entrenue. As both teams start the streamlining process, more information will be provided directly to both companies' manufacturing partners in the coming weeks.

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