Adult Performers Accuse Ryan Madison of Crossing Boundaries

LOS ANGELES—Adult performers Annabel Redd, Khloe Kapri and Jane Wilde are among a group of performers who have accused veteran performer/director Ryan Madison of crossing their boundaries—and in some cases violating their consent—during filming of sex scenes for Porn Fidelity and Teen Fidelity, the studio brands he co-owns with wife Kelly Madison.

Redd on June 5 took to Twitter, telling her fans to avoid her Porn Fidelity scene with Madison that had been released earlier this month, setting off a flurry of similar allegations of on-set misconduct by Madison.

“do not watch my porn fidelity scene,” the 22-year-old Redd tweeted, “that man violated my boundaries. he was not supposed to creampie me. he forcibly held me down while he did so. at first, i thought it was apart of the scene. then i realized he wasn’t stopping. he was not supposed to make me deepthroat.

“I puked more times during those two days than i ever have in my life. he wrapped his hand around my throat tight enough that i couldn’t properly talk, had difficulty breathing. there were lots of times that i was in pain and i couldn’t tell him i was in pain.”

Redd went on to tweet she was worried about the backlash her revelation would cause.

“I’m terrified of victim blaming, i’m terrified of gaslighting, i’m terrified of not being believed,” she continued. “i have a long, well documented history of being sexually assaulted in the last, and an equally long history of never getting justice for it.

“so please, please, if you do anything at all, at least make it that you don’t watch the scene.”

About two hours later, Khloe Kapri quoted a tweet she made on February 4 that read, “There’s one director/ performer in particular that always creampies new girls without their consent (r*pe) and I just wanna know why agencies still continue to send their girls to him to shoot without giving them this information. WHY ARE YALL ENABLING THIS SHIT.”


Not long after, Jane Wilde replied to Redd’s original post on Twitter, saying, “Thank you for speaking out about him. I have told everyone since I was brand new that RYAN MADISON of TeenFidelity and PornFidelity is a rapist and a predator in every sense of the word. He gives drugs and alcohol to girls on set and violates consent/boundaries constantly.”

In a statement released Tuesday afternoon, Ryan Madison and Kelly Madison refuted the growing series of allegations performers have leveled.

“Our company takes any allegation of physical, emotional, mental or sexual abuse against any female talent seriously,” the statement from the Madisons read. “In the interest of being transparent and assisting in evaluating the false allegations made by Annabel Redd, we have provided the UNEDITED behind the scenes footage of both cameras that were rolling simultaneously.

“... Annabel Redd worked with us for 2 days, left after the first day and she had complete free will to cancel the following day or to request no cream pies on that 2nd shoot. None of that occurred. 

“We were shocked given that several of Ryan’s accusers reached out to us after performing requesting to shoot with us again as well as promoted their scenes via their own social media accounts.

“… We are in the process of investigating the other claims.”

Khloe Kapri on Monday told AVN, “What I tweeted is true.”

“He violated my boundaries on set during our first shoot,” Kapri said. “I was 19—one of my first trips to LA—and he ‘pressured’ me into doing I guess what you would call my first creampie scene. Because I had never done one up until that point and didn’t want to. He offered weed and alcohol on set, which at 19 I’ll admit I did accept.

“But the consent gave on set was coerced. I’ve worked with him since then. At the time I felt that I needed to. I often communicate with my abusers after the fact. I’m sure someone will try to call me on that and it’s true.”

Redd said that she worked with Madison in two different scenes on back-to-back days in September 2019, less than three months after she started her porn career.

“It was one of the first scenes I had done in L.A., I believe,” said Redd, a native of Illinois who now resides in Missouri.

Redd was staying in the model house for her agency East Coast Talents when she received the booking.

“When one of the other girls in the house heard about where I was going she told me to be careful, because she heard the guy I was shooting with, Ryan, had a habit of taking advantage of new girls,” Redd told AVN Tuesday.

When she got to the set—about two hours outside of L.A.—she completed a form as part of her pre-scene paperwork in which she was asked to list her “do’s and don’t’s” for performing in the scene.

“I did write down my don’t’s, but it was never spoken about what my don’t’s were,” Redd said. “I was still pretty new and I had three don’t’s—no deep-throat, no creampie and no anal.”

She said even though there was no conversation about her don’t’s that she still didn’t find cause for worry because she had yet to have a bad on-set experience, even when other studios also did not discuss the don’t’s before filming.

“I’ve learned since then that it’s good to have an actual verbal conversation,” Redd said.

Redd said Kelly Madison drove her to a different location from where she got her makeup done for the actual shoot and dropped her off, so it was only her and Ryan on the set.

“It was a little concerning because I’ve never been on a set where it was just myself and the other talent, but I was like, OK whatever,” Redd explained. “So then we introduced ourselves and then he offered me alcohol before shooting—and weed before shooting. He said he had wine and hard liquor and that I could have whatever I wanted.”

Redd declined the offer, but said “he kind of pushed it.”

“He asked three or four more times,” she added. “Then we started to shoot. At first it was pretty OK. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. Just when we came to the b.j. scene and we were outside is when I got super-duper uncomfortable. He was pushing himself really far down my throat. I told him, ‘Hey, I’m not really good at deep-throating. I have a really sensitive gag reflex. He said, 'Don’t worry about it, it will be OK.’

“But he didn’t stop pushing that boundary with me. He kept making me deep-throat him until I vomited on him. I was super embarrassed about that, because I’ve never thrown up from a b.j. I said, ‘Are we going to cut this out?’ He said, ‘No, my fans love this stuff. Don’t worry about it. It’ll be fine.’”

Redd said they continued the b.j. portion of the scene and “he made me puke a couple more times.”

“And he would take my vomit and my spit up and smear it on my boobs and take my spit up and smear it all on my vagina,” she recalled. “It was super gross and super weird and I wasn’t entirely comfortable with it. I didn’t say anything at the time because my earlier complaints had not been taken seriously. I just wanted to get the scene over with and get out of there.”

Redd said she has been vocal about liking rough sex in the past, but her issue with Madison was “he never asked me what I liked and he never asked me what I didn’t like—and I didn’t know it was going to be like this.”

“I had no safe word,” Redd explained. “There was no way for me to signal that, ‘I’m not comfortable. I don’t like this. Can we take a breather?’”

Redd said during the first scene Madison also “would have me pinned down and he would be choking me at the same time and it would be hard enough that I couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t speak.”

“So I felt l had no way to express to him that I wasn’t comfortable. That I needed air. I was hurting, so when it came for the pop (the cumshot)—as I discussed, I had already written down that I do not do creampies,” Redd continued.

“He was talking in my ear and telling me to say, ‘Breed me, daddy. I want your cum.’”

Redd said she had been on other sets before when talking about a creampie before the pop was part of the performance, when no actual creampie was going to occur.

“I thought he was going to stop before doing that, but he didn’t,” she said. “He kept his arms around me and came in me and I kind of had started to panic. I do remember him saying, ‘I’m gonna cum’ and he was like whispering in my ear that he’s gonna cum and he’s gonna ‘breed me.’

“I feel a little guilty because I didn’t say anything at the time, but I was also nervous and I was new. And I wasn’t sure what I could do on set, especially when it was just he and I.”

Redd, who stayed in a hotel furnished by Madison overnight between shoots, said, “the second day was a repeat of the first day.”

She said she didn’t say anything to Madison before the second scene about being uncomfortable in the first one a day earlier.

“Unfortunately, no, I did not say anything. It was also something that I being new and doing one of my first trips to L.A. I wanted to be likable and be agreeable,” Redd said. “I didn’t want to complain too much. I didn’t want to cause any contention. He downplayed the situation when I first brought it up, so he made me feel like it wasn’t serious for me to say anything.

“And if I said anything then I would just be one of those women who just complains and they’re a diva. Rumors sometimes spread about talent and how they act on set. I felt like he was in a position of control and power over me that even if I said something I wouldn’t have been taken serious and I don’t know what energy that could’ve given off or if that would’ve upset him. We were alone on set.”

Redd said when she got back to the model house after the second scene that she saw the model who had advised about what to look out for before going to the shoot.

“It was at about that time that I finally felt all the feelings that I had put away for the time being,” Redd said. “And I told her what had happened. She said she was really sorry and she doesn’t know why agents still send their female talent to shoot for him.

“I don’t know what my agent thought or if he even knew how it affected me because again I didn’t really say a whole lot to him. I know a lot of women get a lot of flack for not speaking out immediately. But the reality of not speaking out immediately is a real psychological effect of trauma. And I have studied the effects of trauma and how your brain does things to protect you from processing what is really happening extensively.

“When people say to you, ‘Why didn’t you say something?’ That is all a sort of uninformed stance on what it means to go through something that is traumatizing. When you’re scared your brain shuts down. I felt like I did not have access to those feelings and those thoughts to really process what I was feeling. It took me at least a couple weeks or a month or so.

“My point is I didn’t feel safe to say anything either to Ryan Madison or even my agent.”

Redd’s agent, John O’Byrne, addressed Redd’s assertions about booking shoots with Madison in a statement.

“My thoughts are with Ms. Redd as she works through this,” O’Byrne said. “East Coast Talents will be there to support her however we can. As agents our job is to secure bookings for our clients. When a booking is offered, we do our best to get the information they need to make an informed decision as to whether that booking is something they would like to accept. I will continue to gather as much information as I can to share with my clients and advise them. No one wants to see this type of behavior in our industry.”

The release of the first scene on Teen Fidelity’s site this month caused Redd to relive the experience.

“I hadn’t seen any teasers or any promo. I had kind of put it away and then they did release my scene and it triggered a bunch of feelings and emotions,” Redd said.

“I took a day away from my social media and I thought about if I wanted to say anything at all and if I did want to comment what I was going to say.

“By them releasing that video they are essentially releasing a video of rape. And the idea that they have released something so traumatic for me and they’re profiting off of it and other people unknowingly are watching this and they think I’m having a good time and they’re enjoying this piece of media ... they don’t even know they’re watching a piece of media that shows coercion and rape.

“And I’ve heard so much about Ryan Madison and how he takes advantage of new talent. So I just decided I wanted to say something.”

Redd concluded, “I don’t think he is fit to be in the industry anymore. I think he has hurt enough women. There are at least 15 to 20 women who have come forward and even more in my direct messages that don’t want to be named. There are a lot of women that he has hurt and I can’t imagine the industry letting him continue to hurt women.”

Jane Wilde performed with Madison in March 2018 during her first month shooting in L.A.—her third month in porn. She also said her boundaries were not discussed before the scene.

Wilde made a 50-minute video talking about why her experience “was so fucked up” on Saturday, posting it on Instagram’s IGTV in five 10-minute clips. Those videos have since been deleted.

“In rough scenes like the ones he does boundary discussions are the only things that can stop it from turning into a sexual assault without even meaning to,” Wilde told AVN Tuesday. “There was no boundary discussion and that wasn’t because of carelessness, I felt like it was deliberate. That he could tell I was uncomfortable during the scene and personally I think he was into it. It seemed like he was doing things to confuse me and make me question myself.”

In particular, Wilde alleged, Madison didn’t tell her he wanted the scene to end with a creampie until they were in the middle of the performance.

“He didn’t clarify it was a creampie scene until he was whispering it in my ear,” Wilde said, adding she had to stop the scene to ask him about it. “He said, ‘Well yeah, all my scenes are creampie scenes.’ There were a lot of moments throughout the actual filming of the scene in which I felt extremely violated. My feelings and comfort were not taken into consideration in any way. I will say he did cut once when I had actual tears running down my face and he said, ‘Are you OK?’ I did say I was OK, but my voice was shaky. He should know the difference between when someone is really OK and when someone is just saying they are OK.

“It was the most miserable experience of my life.”

Wilde said she cried in the bathroom afterward and called her agent, who at the time was East Coast Talents' O’Byrne, to tell him about the unwanted creampie.

“Personally, I feel John O’Byrne is extremely complicit because he did not give me any information beforehand,” she said.

In a statement addressing Wilde’s assertion, O’Byrne said, “I am glad to hear performers using their voice to express issues with producers, fellow performers or anyone in the industry that is being abusive or not respecting boundaries.

“As an agent my job is to secure bookings for my clients. When a booking is offered, I do my best to get the information they need to make an informed decision as to whether that booking is something they would like to accept. This was done in the case of Ms. Wilde’s booking. I feel terrible that she had this experience, I hope that by her speaking out and others doing the same agents, studios and other stakeholders in our industry will be better informed and more proactive matters. Boundaries need to be respected.”

Wilde, who now is represented by Spiegler Girls, added, “I don’t want to say I was assaulted because at the end of the day I did say I was OK, but I feel like he had a personal responsibility as a director and he was making me uncomfortable.

“I said ‘yes’ to everything because I didn’t know that I could even say ‘no' or the scene would get cancelled.”

Wilde said when the scene was over she confronted Madison about her discomfort during the filming.

“I told him, ‘I just want to let you know that what happened today I wasn’t comfortable with. I was not OK.’ He was like, ‘Oh, I’m sorry about that and gave me the extra $200 for the Uber and the creampie.’ He apologized but he wasn’t apologetic, if that makes sense.”

Wilde noted that Pornhub this week removed its PornFidelity channel—fellow performer Ginger Banks launched a petition calling for its removal, receiving more than 3,500 signatures in less than 48 hours.

“I think he needs to come out and apologize and acknowledge his actions and he needs to stop making porn,” Wilde said. “He needs to stop being a male talent because he’s not capable of doing porn in an ethical way. I think he needs to step down from his company—and so does Kelly.

“They both need to acknowledge the pain their actions have caused. It’s been too many years, too many people. It’s not like it was a one-time confusion. This is methodically planned behavior and it needs to stop.”