Adult Industry Delivers Toys to Children for the Holidays:,, and have launched the second Webmaster Toy Run, a nonprofit venture to deliver toys to needy children at Christmastime.

Mike from Sexentertain, JMK from Full-On Video, and Patrick from Mark’s Bookmarks started the toy run last year.

“We wanted to find a way to connect directly with abandoned, abused, or terminally ill children and make their holiday a little less difficult,” says Mike M, Sexentertain co-founder. “We contacted several state- and privately run organizations and were able to drop off toys to the children face-to-face. It was one of the most rewarding experiences—being able to bring a smile to a child that has been needlessly suffering.”

Last year, the run gathered more than $5,000 worth of donations from the adult industry.

Anyone can visit for details about donating. Donations have been expanded beyond the Los Angeles area this year to include the entire country. Donations to specific charities also can be made.