Adult Entertainers Go Mobile With Exxxtacy Road Trip 2011

NEW YORK—Taboo Productions Inc., parent company of Exxxtacy Events—which produced July’s Exxxtacy show in Chicago—has announced the Exxxtacy Road Trip 2011. The nationwide tour, conducted over six months, will begin in November with the first of four two-week segments. Each segment will focus on a defined region of the United States, with stops at nightclubs, gentlemen’s clubs, and novelty, video and book retail stores.

Several adult entertainers are already booked on the first leg of the tour, including Lexi Love, Angelina Armani, Sea J Raw, and Brooklyn Jade. In addition, Devon James—of Tiger Woods sex scandal fame—will join the tour as a featured guest.

A key component of the Exxxtacy Road Trip 2011 is the involvement of adult entertainment social media powerhouse and the entire Naughty Tweet Network. will post up information and photos from the road, making the tour both tangible and virtual at the same time. A-List Feature Management has signed on to book the tour.

“After the success of Exxxtacy’s Chicago 2010 show, PornStarTweet and I started talking about how to develop a “mini” convention that could reach consumers in small towns with more frequency than any traditional show could achieve,” said Mike Wittenberg, CEO of Taboo Productions. “It took us months to develop the right plan, find the right companies to sponsor and the right talent to participate—but the Exxxtacy Road Trip 2011 will be one for the history books.”

Said Pete Housley of Naughty Tweet, “The general idea seems pretty straightforward: Get an RV, load it with porn stars—wham! You’ve got a tour. The reality is that there is much, much more to the concept in this day and age.

“We’re mixing in social media like never before,” Housley continued. “Twitter will play a huge role in the promotion and marketing of this tour. We won’t stop there. We’re going to have live cams and shows from every venue, integrating social media and technology like no other tour in or out of the adult industry has ever attempted.”

“When Mike and Pete called me about this concept, I could barely wrap my mind around the huge idea,” said Dave Michaels of A-List Features. “The idea of a porn star tour isn’t new, but their slant on it has gentlemen’s clubs, nightclubs and all types of venues lining up to participate.”

The first leg of the tour is scheduled to begin in early November in the northeastern United States. For specific schedule details, stay tuned to or on Twitter @ExxxtacyTrip. Sponsorship opportunities are still available. For more information, contact Mike Wittenberg at [email protected] or (877) EXXXTACY.