Adult DVD Empire Offers New International Shipping Options

Online adult DVD store Adult DVD Empire introduced a new shipping method for international customers this week. This easy-to-understand shipping method is a flat fee based on the total number of DVDs in one's order, with no per-item handling fees.

How does it work? If your order contains one to 10 discs, you will be charged an $8 shipping fee. If your order contains 11 to 20 discs, you will be charged a $12.00 shipping fee. It's just that simple.

"We wanted to give our international customers an affordable shipping option," director of marketing JT Smith told "International customers will benefit by being able to take advantage of our great prices and reliable service, and save a significant amount of money on shipping. This will bring a lot of international customers in the door who have not used us in the past because of shipping costs. Our goal is to reach as many consumers as possible and use our reputation to go further into the mainstream."

There are some restrictions, however. For instance, this international shipping method only applies to adult DVDs. All discs will be shipped without their cases, although the artwork will be included. If a multiple-disc set is ordered, each disc will count toward the total number of discs. Should a customer order more than 20 discs, they can split their order into two smaller orders.

"We’ve been working on lowering our rates for international shipping for a while now," added Mike Barry, director of adult operations for the Empire. "As always, we listen to what our customers want and then find a way to give it to them."