Kicks Off Protection From Bad Pornography Sale

In a rare case of pornographers aligning with the U.S. government, Adam & Eve has joined with President George W. Bush’s proclamation of this week as “Protection From Pornography” week by declaring their own “Protection From Bad Pornography” week. In honor of Bush’s anti-porn decree, all porn sold at will be discounted its entire site 10 percent for the rest of the week. Users can only access this special discount by entering Those customers who choose to take advantage of this offer will receive their 10 percent discount in the checkout portion of their order.

“When we first heard about President Bush's proclamation, we felt compelled to respond,” said Adam & Eve’s Promotions Specialist Danny Polinsky. “With all the other issues that are plaguing this country -- the war in Iraq, struggling economy, and so on -- we thought that the need to protect Americans from a completely legal industry that is enjoyed by so many was unnecessary. The goal of this sale is to have fun with this issue and offer our customers a great savings at the same time.”

“We salute our government for taking a stand and we at want to take a stand as well,” said CTO Sean Trotter in a statement. “This is our way of saying that we will work with our government to stamp out substandard and boring products and be the source for high-quality, exciting adult entertainment in this country.

“There’s a lot of substandard adult material on the net. It’s our duty as a patriotic American company to only provide the best quality adult entertainment on the Internet. To protect people from poorly made, offensive and low-quality products, we’re offering our customers 10 percent off our entire site for this week only to celebrate our President’s announcement.”

So what exactly is “bad” pornography according to Adam & Eve?

“We define ‘bad’ pornography as erotic material that people couldn't be bothered to produce in a quality manner,” Polinsky told “People certainly have interest in all types of legal adult genres and we're not condemning any of them. Rather, we want to make sure that people know there's more to adult entertainment than the endless stream of popups that clog computers and give the Internet a bad name.”

This offer is only available to everyone over the age of 18. You do not have to be a current customer to get 10 percent off the site.