Adam & Eve Opens Flagship Store in Wilmington, N.C.

Adam and Eve has expanded its retail franchise to include a new flagship store at 5500 Market Street in Wilmington, North Carolina. 

The 4500-square-foot retail outlet opened its doors March 30, drawing a record-breaking crowd number of customers thanks in part to a massive RV advertising the new location. Adam & Eve designed the store to serve as a model to potential franchise owners, emphasizing the company's upscale, couples-friendly aesthetic.

"From the carpet to the ceiling tiles, every item was chosen to promote a clean and sex-positive image of the store," a company press release stated.

Owners Marcus Goswick and Jason Hoke spent months selecting the location, developing the floor plan and hiring the staff. The site's proximity to Adam & Eve's corporate office in Hillsborough, NC was a key factor in choosing the location.

"We looked at locations in Las Vegas, Miami and Atlantic City," said Hoke, manager of Adam & Eve Retail. "Ultimately, the best spot for the flagship store was right in our own backyard." 

"We hope our store serves as the template for future Adam & Eve retail stores," said Goswick. "With stores already in Florida, North Carolina, Massachusetts and Michigan… and future stores scheduled for California, Idaho and Montana, our goal is to have customers know exactly what to expect from Adam & Eve stores wherever they go."

For information on Adam & Eve Franchising, please contact Marcus Goswich at [email protected]