Adam & Eve Launches CNWB-Powered Credit Card Program

Adult Internet retailer Adam & Eve and Internet credit card creator CNWB, Inc. have released the Adam & Eve Private Label Credit Card.

"A private label card, or an affinity card, is a payment vehicle licensed by a brand from CNWB," Bene't Garcia, director of marketing for CNWB, explained to "This payment vehicle license allows the brand to extend an entire portfolio of card options to its consumers. These options include credit cards, secured cards, even gift cards.

“Customers benefit from the card in several ways. The card carries a 9.95 percent APR that will not go up. Cardholders are assured that CNWB has vetted each and every one of the merchants accepting the card. The card provides security not available with your Visa or MasterCard. Also, customers have a great deal of control through the cardholder's lounge not available with any of their other cards as well."

What inspired the private label credit card?

"It was obvious to every one in this industry that Visa and MasterCard were completely unprepared for the issues that arose with online commerce in the adult industry," Garcia said. "Instead of trying to solve the core issues they simply decided to throw the burden on our industry to conform to their understanding.

“CNWB is a response to what we see as a serious issue that was only going to get worse,” Garcia continued. “The card was designed from the ground up to address all the issues merchants and consumers have with online commerce transactions. We wanted to start a card association that provided safety and security to both parties in a financial transaction online. Both our technology and our policies reflect that desire and the private label card is just one of our many options we offer merchants to address these issues."

One of the key benefits to the private label card is the ability Adam & Eve gains in cross-marketing their products with the huge customer base belonging to membership sites that accept the various credit-cards powered by CNWB.

"Adam & Eve is a great company when it comes to understanding marketing concepts," said Garcia. "We believe that Adam & Eve will benefit greatly from our advanced security and fraud prevention features as well as the promotional and marketing capabilities they gain by being able to issue their own branded Adam & Eve credit card.

“From our standpoint, being associated with a company who has such a respected reputation in the industry as Adam & Eve has obvious benefits in addition to the vast number of cardholders we believe CNWB, Inc. will gain through its association with Adam & Eve.”