Adam & Eve Announces 2011 Parody Plans

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C.—Adam & Eve Pictures has announced plans to continue its slate of parodies well into the next year after the success it enjoyed this year.

“We’re planning some amazing parodies for 2011,” Adam & Eve executive producer Meredith Christopher said. “Along with our traditional high end features, we’ve found that our customers really enjoy the bigger budget parodies. For the upcoming year, we’re putting together some amazing titles and talent in the parody arena.”

Along with plans for a sprawling, over-the-top Dallas parody directed by Andre Madness, Adam & Eve Pictures also will utilize David Lord’s Rebel Studios to create versions of Porky’s and Knight Rider.

“We’ve seen such huge success with our parody titles like The A-Team XXX and Tyler’s Wood that we really want to build on that momentum,” Christopher said.

Additional parody titles in the works include ’70s film classic Smokey and the Bandit, erotic drama 9 ½ Weeks, the seminal The Graduate and Martin Scorcese gangster classic Goodfellas.