ActionGirls Gunning for Theatrical Run

Director Scotty JX of chicks-and-guns paysite is vying for a crack at the big screen with his hi-def adult feature Soldiers of the Dead.

Reportedly shot on a hard-to-believe $5 million budget, Actiongirls: Soldiers of the Dead Part 1 is completely edited and ready for release. At the movie's website,, the director offers interested distributors, press and sales agents DVD screeners, hundreds of high-res photos, screencaps and promotional videos.

A classic clash between Amazonian slave warriors and zombies, SOD takes place in a future where, as the website puts it, "the world as we know it has been destroyed" and "a female slave trader searches for female fighters to compete in his Arena of Death."

The queen of the group, Adriana Zarcova, "accidentally stumbles upon secret government plans to create super soldiers of the undead," and begins breeding her own legion of them, leading to a climax in which "the Actiongirls must battle Zarcova's growing army of dead soldiers in a fight to the finish."

Scotty JX can be contacted at [email protected]

Additional information and trailers for the uncut version of Soldiers of the Dead (the R cut has yet to be submitted to the MPAA) are available here.