Acme's Drunk

You know you had a good time when your notes are all on crumpled, whiskey-soaked napkins and shredded pages of Harrah’s note paper. The notes are all phone numbers, too, but I can’t read any of them because I used the napkins to soak up the blood of the hobo I murdered.

I went to the Esquisite Pleasures party at some dumb casino lounge room. Catlina was there, and Mocha and Chocolate (they have pretty clever names, right?) People like Max Hardcore and Rodney Moore and a bunch of broads who have sex on videotape for money were there.

I like drinking whiskey. This is the life I’ve always imagined for myself. It’s worth living. I’m a proud and vital member of our society.

The highlight of the night had to be running into Stephen Ochs at the Exquisite Pleasures party… yes, THE Stephen Ochs. That dude is cool as fuck. I’m totally gay, by the way. Screw Flanders.