Acme blog Thurs

First sighting: Girlvert Ashley Blue and JM Productions’ owner Jeff Steward, who promptly begin plowing me with alcohol, attempting to loosen my tongue and find out who won which AVN Awards. Fortunately, I don’t have the answers, though that doesn’t stop me from feeding them disinformation. And lots of it.

Spotting Max Hardcore and Catalina wandering the casino floor, I congratulate Max on his induction to the AVN Hall of Fame. “That doesn’t mean a fucking thing to me. You know what means something to me? Fucking a hot chick up the ass. The Hall of Fame don’t mean a goddamn thing to me.” Happy new year!

Back at the bar, Vegas local and porn newbie Missy Monroe stops by, fondles me, laughs and runs away. I catch her later and encourage her to make the move to Porn Valley. I offer her Scott Ross’ couch until she gets settled.

Mark Wood and Francesca Lé pop by, mention that they don’t drink, then turn around and order drinks. Hmmm.

The sexiest girl of the night, Juliann More, for some reason spends the bulk of her evening hanging around those perverted SkinTight owners Grip and Cram Johnson. They disappear for a couple minutes and I go for the steal, but the Johnsons waste no time winning her back. She did let me feel her up. Several times. And I liked it.

Mark Kulkis, the man behind Kick Ass Pictures, buys me more drinks and we talk about Mary Carey. He wonders if she’ll win Best New Starlet. I wonder, too. We then fight over the delicious Roxy, who disses us both. “You’ll never work in Chatsworth again!” I holler at her as she leaves. She laughs. Kulkis weeps openly.

Other sightings: New Sensations publicist Jeff Mullen, who tells me, “I got a hot porn star waiting for me in my room.” He’s sharing with Biggz. Scott Fayner, who swears his Saturday wedding to Taylor Rain is still on. Curiously, Taylor doesn’t come out of her room all night. Apparently she wasn’t feeling so well. Pre-wedding jitters? Skeeter and Bridgette Kerkove, separately and together.