Acme blog Friday Manuel Eva

After a long, wonderful evening at the Adam & Eve party at Little Buddha, Acme headed back to the scene of the previous night’s crimes, the Circle Bar at the Venetian. First sighting: Jerome Tanner and Helen T., who had just arrived from their palatial Porn Valley estate. Jerry is talking up the absolutely fabulous newbie Eva Angelina, a spectacular, spectacled brunette. Just as I’m encouraging Jerry to shoot her as soon and as frequently as possible, something catches the cutie’s eye: Manuel Ferrara. I say hello, wish him good luck at the Awards. He thanks me by stealing Eva’s attention – and much more. They kiss, they fondle, she goes down on him. Did I mention this is at the Circle Bar? Which is packed? Manuel standing against the change booth (inside of which are two suspecting ladies who scowl at us constantly), Eva on her knees. It wasn’t long before Eva pants were around her knees, fingers are flying and Manuel’s cock was inside her from behind. Pre-nom Jerry for Best Director, Eva and Manuel for Best Coupling and Helen T. for Best Non-Sex Performance. To quote a great philosopher, “Awesome! Totally awesome!”