About That Kush Life

Today's 420-friendly gallery, featuring outtakes of AVN's December cover shoot, features clothing and other gear sold by Kush Life. Read more about the company below. And click here for a link to the gallery. Pictured above: Veronica Rodriguez.

Some adult industry veterans may know the founder and CEO of Kush Life, Onky Chhieng, by his former porn persona Big Bad Onxxx.

Chhieng worked in adult entertainment from 2000-2006, shooting on-set videos, editing and directing for the legendary Suze Randall.

“I started shooting behind the scenes and building content for her site,” Chhieng recalled. “When I left the porn I knew I could do something more and I took what I did and started Kush TV.”

Kush TV encompassed all the things Chhieng was interested in, such as art, music, skateboarding and, of course, weed. The hustlin’ entrepreneur sold Kush TV in 2009 for a seven-figure sum, setting him up to pursue other ventures such as event production, clothing design and retail ownership.

“Back then what I was doing was ahead of its time. Now the internet is ready for all this original content, especially about the marijuana industry. Not just the industry, the lifestyle and people that smoke,” Chhieng said.

“And it’s not just sick people, not just rappers, not just models, not just doctors ... it's everyone pretty much. Now that it's recreational in California more people are open to it.”

And now four years into running his edgy clothing brand, Kush Life, Chhieng has built a loyal following that rocks his T-shirts and his parties.

“I have the clothing line and then I have the bongs ... the glass ... and that's another industry. And I do events,” said Chhieng, who also owns and operates the Green Tree collective in East L.A. “I had a Halloween party and we had like 500 people come. It was my fourth Halloween party. It was at a club right here in Lincoln Heights called The Airliner.”

Chhieng’s Kush Life recently supplied the clothing and accessories for the AVN December cover shoot; the theme was the pot and porn connection (click here to read the article). Adult stars Veronica Rodriguez, Misty Stone and Jenna Sativa donned Kush Life threads for a series of sexy photos by photographer Jay Allan at a private residence in Los Angeles. For Chhieng, hooking up the girls with his 420-inspired gear was a natural.

“Everybody knows they’re about that life,” he said. “My stuff is more of like an underground thing. I’m not trying to go mainstream, I don’t care if high school kids wear my clothes. That’s how you get rich. This is something that’s just a part of me. I’d be doing it whether I make money or not.”

Chhieng is still making videos, too. He captured some footage at the cover shoot for a new project in the works called “Kush Life Honeys.”

“It’s going to be a bunch of hot sexy girls who just smoke,” he said.

This article originally ran in the December 2017 issue of AVN magazine. Click here for a link to the digital edition.