Makes AEE Debut

LAS VEGAS - Australia, to many Americans, is a strange and wondrous land where water circles the drain counterclockwise, the people eat a mysterious, delicious and vitamin-rich paste called Vegemite, and where the beautiful fauna can kill you in a heartbeat.

Oh, it’s also a land populated by all-natural, unspoiled beauties called “sheilas.” is an Australian company specializing in showing this rare breed to the world. So far, the company’s booth has been a major attraction on the show floor.

Vice president Jo Mason was gearing up for the morning’s big event. She explained, “We’ll be finalizing our DVD distribution deal with Wicked Pictures at about 11:30."

In the meantime, the sheilas were feeling frisky and drawing in lots of appreciative gawkers. One onlooker was heard saying, “Those gals are chockablock full of vim and vigor…I’m about to crack a fat, mate.” By which one could only assume meant he liked the way they they looked.

Among the charming women were standouts Petria, Chloe and Jacki who greeted fans, and modeled form-fitting undershirts. Petria offered some advice for potential visitors to Oz: “Don’t touch the cone snails! They look really pretty, but they have a stinger and it could paralyze you.”

Her friend Jacki chimed in, “And stay away from the box jellyfish. They can give you a terrible rash.”
However, Chloe offered a solution: “You can put vinegar on it…or you can just have someone pee on you. Petria’s good at that!”

Just hearing that and imagining the scenario put at least one reporter in his own state of paresis. And there wasn’t a cone snail in sight.

Abbywinters has recruited several "celebrity directors" to shoot softcore scenes with the models, starting with Evil Angel's John Stagliano today at 3:30 p.m. The other guest directors include sexologist Jayme Waxman (Thursday, 3 p.m.), Nina Hartley (Thursday, 4 p.m.) and Audacia Ray (Friday, 3 p.m.) - will post updates as they become available.