Aaron Named President and CEO of Waat Media

Veteran telecom and television executive Ian Aaron has been named president and CEO of mobile content aggregator Waat Media.

Aaron, who had been a board member and advisor to the company for the past year, will oversee the company’s global activities and will also be responsible for strategies in the mobile arena. He will work with Waat founders Adi McAbian, Tal McAbian and Camill Sayadeh to manage the firm’s content partnerships with gaming, adult and entertainment brands, as well as its global distribution through on-deck carrier relationships and off-net third party platforms.

Prior to joining Waat Media Aaron was president of the TV Guide Television Group, where he oversaw the TV Guide Channel, TV Guide Interactive, TV Guide’s new short form On Demand network TV Guide Spot, and TV Guide International.

Aaron was formerly at TVN Entertainment, where he was president and CEO of the core pay-per-view entertainment, digital TV and direct response advertising business units, and was for six years President of SoftNet Systems, Inc. and its broadband cable modem ISP Channel subsidiary. He was responsible for reorganizing the company’s telecom and broadband business units, moving the company from the AMEX to the NASDAQ, raising $400 million in working capital and launching cable modem broadband systems. He began his career in R&D and product development at GTE and with GTE’s international Fujitsu/GTE Business Communication Systems joint venture.