A Night in the Life of Todd Lewis and Tripp Daniels

If we needed any excuse to delve into more debauchery then Thursday night was happy to supply it.

Not even a madman like Todd Lewis could have hit all the industry-sponsored parties if he tried, but he did manage to find his way to the Platinum Bucks dinner at Pinot Brasserie, the Cybersocket Awards at Gipsy and the night’s biggest event, The Jungle Bash at Mandalay Bay’s Rum Jungle.

Throw in the Girls of the Internet party at Sapphire, a Defiance/Mallcom VIP party, the Rock N Roll Revue at Taquila Cantina, the swingerriffic Behind the Green Door party for the gay crowd, an EntertainmentCash Condo party, the AEE party, fare thrown by Playboy and Hustler and the end-of-the-night stop, the Circle Bar, and you would have to be a nun to remain sober.

Todd Lewis isn’t a nun and neither are the rest of these people.

So after a long day of listening to people complain about the crowds and watching the tools from CES ogle the porn chicks like they’ve never seen a woman, Todd Lewis likes to let loose a little bit.

So after the Platinum Bucks boys bought dinner, the loquacious Aly Drummond scooped up Todd Lewis and rolled over to Gipsy to collect AVN Online’s best industry publication award at the Cybersocket Awards. There were, of course, other winners, including great companies like PrideBucks, Maleflixxx, Gay.com and double winner NakedSword, just to name a few.

After the awards were handed out, host Chi Chi Larue stepped into the DJ booth to keep the party going. Todd Lewis, however, doesn’t have time to dance. Todd Lewis is a man about town and so it was on to the Rum Jungle for more madness.

The EpicCash-sponsored Jungle Bash featured a boatload of free booze and a performance by Crazy Town vocalist Shifty Shellshock, who performed all the hits… or at least his one hit and some other songs.

Easily topping last year’s Jungle Bash, this year’s also featured the stuff that pornsters have grown accustomed to. Well, most of it anyway.

"There were whores trapezing above me," says AVN’s own Tripp Daniels. "There were whores dancing above me too, but I couldn’t get blown in the bathroom so I can only give it a B ."

Earlier in the evening, the intrepid Tripp Daniels did his own thing.

The lavish strip club known as Sapphire's Gentleman's Club played host Thursday night to the Girls of the Internet party, also referred to by those 'in the know' as G.O.T.I. – which should not be considered as any reference to the notorious gangster.

The folks at LVrocks.com hosted the soiree, which casts a sexy spotlight on smokin' hot web babes, and CamZ.com was in the strip house to handle the live internet broadcast of the event – literally beaming the party all across the 'net via a major league list of websites.

Just as with past G.O.T.I. bashes the party welcomed truly some of the hottest girls on the Internet. Viva La' Web!

More from the battlefront tomorrow.