JAPAN—Not sure how we missed this one! In preparation for the making of Semen Collection 2, a Japanese flick shot earlier this month that presumably involved gallons of semen being—well, why ruin the image by describing it—a radio station put out a call for jism, and then the star of the film, Uta Kohaku, took to Twitter to ask her fans to donate their sperm for the cause. The fans complied, to say the least.

"Things started to heat up earlier today when Uta posted an image of the first few packages delivered to her by RADIX," reported Rocket News. " She tweets: 'Semen from around Japan has begun to arrive ⊂((・x・))⊃ I will care for them as if it were my own child.'" Awwww....

In addition to providing sperm, fans were encouraged to write their names on the bottles that contained the precious fluid "as they would appear in the video." This, of course, takes product placement to a whole new level.

By the time of the shoot, Uta was the recipient of over 100 bottles of fan sperm, as proven by a photo (above) of the young performer in the moments before her shower.  

Kohaku, who is 20 years old, is famous in part for her striking similarity "to Atsuko Maeda, a wildly popular singer and former member of all-female idol group AKB48."