What The <I>Puck</I>? John T. Bone Remakes <I>A Midsummer Night's Dream</I>

Veteran director John T. Bone has delved into Shakespearean lore with his latest venture, a porn remake of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Shot on location in Brazil and featuring an all-Brazilian cast highlighted by Jennifer Steele, Chris Bell, Michael Laughlin, and Roge, Puck is a sprawling two-part epic that puts an adult spin of the time-honored classic tale. The project features intense make-up, detailed set pieces, and lush locations and is arguably the biggest undertaking yet for Bone, who is no stranger to lavish productions. Ironically though, for a film that features as much hard driving sex as this one, the germ of the idea began at a kid's them park.

"About six months ago I met up with a guy who designs and manufactures all the costumes for a theme park in Brazil called Playland who told me he could come up with anything I could think of," the seasoned director told AVN.com. "About the same time I re-met Jennifer Steele -- I shot her first movies a few years ago. She has this incredible fire act now so I told her about the thing in Brazil. She was an English Lit major and specialized in Shakespeare. I told her I always wanted to make A Midsummer Night's Dreamand she said it was her favorite and she's love to write a script. She sent me an outline of the script and I fleshed it out into a shooting script.

"Michael Laughlin, Jennifer's husband, plays Puck and he's wonderful. I flew the two of them out to Sau Paulo last month and we shot Parts 1 and 2. The first part is when Puck creates all the mayhem, and the second is when it's all resolved and everybody ends up with who they're supposed to end up with.

"I managed to get a lot of the performance artists from the theme park," he continued, "so I've got fire-eaters and dancers and jugglers, contortionists, rope climbers. It's a huge production. If it had been done in American with American prices it would have cost $150,000. We've got the best guys, best girls, fabulous costumes, unbelievable locations. It's shot almost entirely outdoors. All of Fairy Land was shot around a natural waterfall. The Shakespearean reality of it was shot around a huge castle villa.

"There was one night when we shot the big final sex scene with all the fire performers and Michael and Jennifer actually have sex and blow fire at the same time. It was spectacular!" Bone exlcaimed.

Puck 1 and 2 will have a consecutive worldwide release through John T. Bone Company in August (Part 1) and September (Part 2), both hard and soft.